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What Exactly is Addiction?


how addiction is effecting American society.

Addiction occurs when someone has developed a dependency on a certain substance or an activity.

Unfortunately, drug addiction has grown exponentially within the United States. Currently, in the US, there are reports of 23 million people who meet the criteria for addiction, and an estimated 40 million people who are actually addicted to substances that haven’t reported that abuse of drugs or alcohol.

On average, over 200 people die every single day from an accidental drug overdose, and it’s not just heroin that is killing people. From alcohol to prescription medications, more and more substances are being found in those who lose their lives to overdose.

Are you addicted? Do you think you may have a problem, but you aren’t sure? Keep reading and learn more about the signs of drug addiction and the treatment options we offer at Ritz Point Recovery in Laguna Hills, a luxury addiction treatment program in Orange County.

What are the Signs of Addiction? How Can I Tell If I Need Treatment?


The signs of addiction depend on the specific substance the person is abusing; however, there are some general telltale signs which include:

  • obsessing about the substance
  • placing the acquisition of the substance and use of the substance as a priority above other more important things (like rent payments)
  • a lack of awareness about the harm the addiction is causing your loved ones and your body, or the awareness yet disregard and apathy for the harm caused
  • the inability to stop using the substance(s) despite attempting to do so

When one can no longer exert any control over their addiction, then you know its time to seek assistance. Furthermore, there are tangential consequences as a result of addiction. For example, addicts are more likely to steal or commit crimes in order to receive illegitimate money and fund their continued drug use. There are many treatment options that are available in Orange County to assist addicts to recover from addiction as well as manage their mental and behavioral health issues.

“Getting sober was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

What are My Treatment Options


in Orange County, California?

Detox is typically the first step in the treatment process. It begins with clients undergoing a medical detox off of the harmful substances they have been abusing. Here at Ritz Point Recovery, our medical practitioners assist and oversee addicts during their detox, in order to manage withdrawal symptoms with medications, supplements, vitamins, and other healing remedies that have been proven to aid in ridding the body of its physical dependence on drugs.

Residential inpatient treatment, like the program offered at Ritz Point Recovery, is defined by residing at a rehabilitation facility for a length of time in order to get 24-hour care and treatment directly following detox. This is a program designed to address and treat the core issues that often lead to substance abuse. The residential inpatient program at Ritz Point Recovery in Orange County offers a unique combination of a luxury drug rehab and a traditional, modern treatment program. Our clients experience an intimate treatment experience, where their individual issues are addressed throughout the course of treatment.

Once a client completes inpatient treatment, outpatient is usually highly suggested as a means to ensure long-term recovery. Outpatient is the stage of treatment where a client no longer resides at a residential treatment center but comes in for treatment between 1-5 days a week for intensive therapy. This allows the addicts to continue with their normal schedules while continuing to get treatment on a part-time basis. Aftercare treatment is a continuation of behaviors, meetings, and therapy, following the outpatient stage of treatment, used to reinforce the rehabilitation process.

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How Ritz Point Recovery


Can Help You Overcome Addiction

Ritz Point Recovery offers a unique experience that is tailored to make the process of recovery as manageable as possible while offering a comfortable environment as you get clean. We are not only on a dedicated mission to enable long-term recovery from addiction, but we also take pride in our luxurious setting and provision of world-class services offered to our clients. Our Orange County location provides a beautiful setting in Laguna Hills with many amenities including gourmet food, sauna, pool access, spa services, entertainment, and streaming services.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to come. Act today and make an investment in your future. Drug & alcohol addiction can take everything. Call us today for more information on our addiction treatment program in Orange County.


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