A Beginner’s Guide to Drug Rehab in California

If you found this article, you are already on the path to recovery because the first thing you need to know is that there is a way out. This guide to drug rehab will show you that there is hope for recovery. Unless you are forced by a court order, which may not be a bad thing, you are thinking about choosing to go to drug rehab in Southern California.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you can choose to escape the disaster that has become your life, due to drug use and alcohol. The good news is that you do not have to do this alone. Addiction treatment in California is very successful, especially for those who enter a treatment program voluntarily.

Rehab for Beginners with Individualized Treatment

There are amazing treatment centers in beautiful places like Laguna Hills, which will help you take the first steps towards sobriety in a lovely, supportive environment. Think of this as a California vacation in a warm and relaxing place, to get off drugs and stop drinking for your lifetime recovery.

Nobody is going to tell you this is easy. It is not easy to get clean. It is very painful. There are some things that make it less painful. We know them because we are in recovery ourselves. Just having someone to help you go through this transition can really make your chances of success better.

We know what it is like to be addicted. We also know how much our own minds trick us to block our recovery. We know that if we tried and failed so many times before, we must try once again. That is why rehab for beginners includes individualized treatment based on the decades of experience and the things we learned by being California drug rehab counselors after helping thousands of addicts seeking drug rehab in Southern California.

Physical Detox and Psychological Changes

If you go into rehab with supervised detox, this can make the transition from daily drug or alcohol use less life-threatening when you quit. Attempting detox without supervision by a healthcare professional can be very dangerous in certain situations. Your body may have a severe reaction, up to and including death.

The good news is that physical detox is something that happens over a certain period of time, usually three days up to two weeks. You go through the intensity of withdrawals and come out the other side no longer physically addicted to some substance with the physical need to have it daily to survive. Under supervision, you will feel very sick for a short time but you probably will not die. However, the psychological problems are much more challenging.

It is the psychological motivators for addiction that drive most people to use or drink again. In rehab, you get the care you need to pass through the physical detox and then you get to practice techniques that will give you more psychological strength to continue in your recovery after you leave rehab.

Rehab Environment and Treatment Program

It is almost impossible to stop using and/or drinking if you continue being stuck in the same patterns of behavior where you have drug and alcohol in abundance constantly around you and you hang with the people who party with you.

To have any chance of stopping your drug use and excessive drinking, it is extremely helpful to get away from the people and places that are part of your habitual usage pattern. Rehab in Southern California offers the ability for a temporary relocation to a beautiful place with great weather and provides a calm space to make the difficult internal changes necessary.

Getting Inspired

Southern California has plenty of movie stars that had very public meltdowns from drug and alcohol use. Some died. Some committed suicide. Some survived and got their life back. One of our favorite examples is Robert Downey Jr. This guy went as far down as a person could go without dying. He should have died ten times over.

The Guardian reported that when Downey was arrested for violating probation, with his continued drug use, he actually told the judge that “It’s like I have a shotgun in my mouth… and I like the taste of the gun metal.” Even he knew how stupid that sounds. However, it is true what he said and that he felt that hopeless.

When Downey was in jail, the other inmates harassed him for having it all and losing it in the most stupid of ways. Downey went from a lifestyle of the rich and famous, traveling the world, and staying in $2,000 per night luxury hotel rooms, to washing dishes in prison.

Downey went through rehab in California many times and finally, in 2003, he gave up drugs and alcohol and then he began his serious recovery efforts that he continues to this day over 15 years later. He rebuilt his acting career and everyone, especially him, is happy that he did not die.

Start Your Recovery Journey 

Since you have been thinking about California drug rehabs or looking for addiction treatment in California, it is now the time to enroll in a rehab program in Laguna Hills. 1-866-936-4706. Make the call. Be like Downey and get that gun out of your mouth once and for all.

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